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生活 购物

Paper stamp cards clogging up your wallet?
One app for each store clogging up your home screen?

myFave brings you the rewards from, and only from, your myFave Places - the shops, the stores, the beverage serving pizza dough spinning hair cutting unique thingamagig making latte art making artisans that you love to visit.

Here is how it works:
0) Install the app.
1) When you are paying for your order, mention that you are collecting with myFave.
2) Scan their myFave QR code - the friendly staff member will show it to you.
3) Repeat to unlock rewards.
4) Go beyond the rewards - each myFave Place(TM) brings with it something unique, and myFave is the app they use to let you know about it.

Our Mission:
At myFave we believe that the small business is the driving force of the community it serves, hence everything we do, we do to help them grow and to strengthen the communities they serve.

No Ads! Period.
myFave doesnt have ads from third parties. You only see the myFave Places where you collect points.

Coffee Shop by Rob Bye. BYOW by Sagar Rana. Brunch by Kawin Harasai.